Sunset on the lake, the romantic getaway to remember

Create a movie moment during your Romantic Getaway. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, popping the question or just rejuvenating you want romance to be a part of it. Romantic ideas are thrown at us on a daily basis.

While Travel & Leisure magazine can direct you to the great Caribbean sunsets your budget may not accommodate the airfare. So take the romantic idea of sunsets and bring it home. There are weekend getaway spots with lakes that provide the romantic experience you want to create and still stay within budget. Perhaps you prefer the wind whispering in the trees as you snuggle up in a warm cabin. Virginia has a number of romantic getaway cabins and one will surely meet your needs.

Who needs another love song?

Many seem to, especially as Valentine’s Day comes close. How tired are you of saying and giving the same old thing, or receiving. February is the season to reflect on romantic love. We will seek out the greatest love stories, at least what the movies have to offer. But what about the quiet love stories or the ones of the past that have been forgotten. Often these can be far more inspiring than a Hollywood tear jerker.

The media bombards us with all the wrongdoings of politicos and movie stars. Sometimes we forget that there have been and still are powerful people who are truly in love with their partners and that love is their anchor. In the past we can look to Harry Truman for a president whose love and devotion for his wife was almost worn on his sleeve. Paul Newman ([responding to an interviewer’s question as to why he was never “tempted” by the many beautiful Hollywood actresses he worked with] Why fool around with hamburger when you have steak at home?) and Joanne Woodward another fine example of fame that did not cave in to tabloids and tv talk shows.

Who do you know today or perhaps a generation or two back that has that ‘true love’, the bond that doesn’t need a lot of words, or sex or flowers or gifts? The kind where sharing the day is what matters, knowing that at the end of the day there is one person who will be there to support and care for you despite what any else in the world thinks about you.

In other words who do you know that has a soulmate? I know I found mine.

Romance and Mystery

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Whether its sitting back with a good novel, listening as you make the drive home or getting lost in the latest episode of CSI. We all desire mystery in some way. Why? It adds a bit of excitement to our lives. We don’t need death defying thrills, just a little bump in the road to remind you that life is more than getting up with the alarm and having dinner at 6.

Mystery is romance. Romance, in the realm of love, is supposed to make our hearts beat faster, make us forget everything else and have us enter into an etheral state of good feeling. Well, if you are in the grips of a good mystery novel, dinner might come at 8 instead of 6 cause you really have to know who dunnit. When you’re watching that movie and you’ve guessed who the bad guy is, don’t you just feel so proud!

Romance has many faces. Mystery does too and what a pair they make.

What’s your favorite mystery?