Romance and Roadtrips

Roadtrips are great for romantic getaways. The destinations are limited only to the distance you wish to travel. On the east coast you can escape to the mountains, from the Poconos to Shenandoah in the mid-atlantic area to the ski slopes in New England. If its beaches you like they range from Maine to Florida.

The question becomes what to do while on that 3 hour or more journey. Books on tape are an option if both of you enjoy the same type of literature and of course music, whether its CD, radio or Sirius or XM. But what about conversation? This is becoming a lost art and when traveling its easy to fall into the habit of talking about day to day life, the kids, the job, the bake sale, all the things you are trying to escape from.

Consider this- If you have a destination, pick up a book or magazine about it, learn the history while you drive and  then determine what you might like to see when you arrive.

You can also have some fun and learn a little more about each other. For example, there’s the What if? game. What if, it were 1890? Think about how you would get where you are going, how much longer it would take to get there, etc. You’d be amazed at the interesting conversation that can ensue.

Also, If you could be a character from history or a book or a movie, or even a movie star, who would you be and why? What would you do? How would your character indulge in romance? You might want be adventurous, like Ameilia Earhart or mysterious like Mata Hari. Perhaps James Bond or Daniel Boone, it doesn’t matter who you choose, just have fun imagining what could happen.

This is also great for a date night when the conversation starts to slow.