Travel Tales

Last time I wrote about Florida and that is where I spent last week, in Miami. The travel show I attended included a trip to Jungle Island, where I got to cuddle up to an alligator, pet a python and wave at a gorilla.

The opportunities for travel are so diverse that even the experts can be overwhelmed at the amount of possibilities. We learned about Chengdu, in the Sichuan province of China. If you want to hold a baby panda, that’s where you need to go.

I’m still digesting all the amazing places and ways of getting around from river cruise to camel rides.

The world is out there, dine on the sites, sounds and of course the food. Call us at 703-350-2999 to plan your next adventure, whether its across the county or across the ocean.

On the local scene:

We have the Kennedy Center and Wolf Trap but we also have small venues for upcoming stars. My husband and I joined friends to see Mae at the Mead Lab Theater on G Street. What a treat, Rachel Hardin did a great job as Mae West. There is no promise as to what other shows will provide, but Mae was definitely a winner.

Visit our website for more info on how Unique Travel Events can create the perfect weekend or vacation event for you.

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