Leis, Surf, Volcanoes and Snow

Hawaii brings visions of a hula dancers, warm sands, luaus and magnificent sunsets.

And all of that is true. But did you know that Hawaii consists of 132 islands, 6 of which are visited by tourists.

Before it was our state it was ruled by kings, the most famous, Kamehameha united the people and brought peace.

Waikiki is the beach we mainlanders usually think of and it is on Oahu, the heart of Hawaii.

The islands of Hawaii are just about the youngest on earth, which explains the volcanoes that are part of a national park on the Big Island.

Whether you are surfing the waves, climbing the mountains, taking in the sweet scent of an orchid or sipping the rich Kona coffee Hawaii is bound to give you the vacation of a lifetime.

Visit Hawaii anytime of year. You can cruise or fly but keep in mind it is 2500 miles from any land mass so leave time for traveling and then soak in the sun.

Fun Fact: It snows every year on Hawaii’s tallest peaks which are up to 13,000 feet high.

Want to sound like an ‘islander’? Ask for Shave Ice, the Hawaiin version of a snow cone.

Whatever your interests, take time to enjoy. If you don’t have time to figure out where to go or what to do call us at 703-350-2999 or email andrea@uniquetravelevents.com  and we will create your unique ‘Getaway’. Visit our website for more info.

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Travel agents save you time, and their fees are paid by the hotels, cruise lines and vacation companies. So why waste your time, leave the ‘surfing’ to us.