How to Pay for Travel

Probably the biggest concern I hear about travel is how to pay for it.

While we in the USA consider travel and vacations a luxury they are really part of our emotional and mental health. But economics always play a part in everything we do.

Here are a few ideas:

Setup a savings account solely for travel- If you can afford to save $100 a month, in one year, you can save enough for a 7 day cruise for two people.  If its only $50 a month, you can have a long weekend.

Tell friends and family that instead of buying you gifts or gift cards, have them write a check and deposit it in your Travel Saving account.

The Unique Travel Events website offers a really easy way for you, or friends and family to build your travel account with the Honeymoon and Travel Registry account. You can sign up online and add to it any time you or anyone else wants.

If you plan your cruise for a year from today, you have 9-10 months to pay for your trip after a small deposit. This gives you time to put money away and know how much you need, very little guesswork.

We wish you happy travels!