What is time worth?

I do my best to keep the blogs positive and uplifting as there is generally little sense in complaining. Yet I must make comment on the lack of respect people have for each other’s time.

A travel agent does two very important things for clients, one uses their knowledge, contacts and resources to provide the best trip/vacation solutions and two uses their TIME so clients can focus on other important matters, like work and family.

So many people think nothing of having a travel agent spend hours researching information for them and then booking it themselves or finding a ‘friend’ to do it for them. I wonder, can these folks ‘work for free’.

We all understand when plans fall through or the finances just won’t allow the trip, no problem. But when you are being used just to do the work it is insulting and shows a lack of consideration for your profession and you personally.

Many agents now charge fees or require deposits to be used towards the trip. I find that I must now do the same. While clients who have already booked with me won’t have to do this, new clients will, sad but true.

I hope someone who reads this will think twice before asking any service provider, travel agent, real estate agent, etc., to jump through hoops just to get information and then not use their services.

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Melting Pot of the Mediterranean

I was treated to a wonderful experience this week, a presentation and dinner at the residence of the Turkish ambassador.

Like most Americans I really didn’t know much about this culturally diverse and beautiful country. Whether you want to sunbathe, picture yourself at the beach Marc Antony gave to Cleopatra, or explore ancient ruins, like the stone heads of the gods rising from from the sand,  you will not be disappointed.

Residence of the Turkish Ambassador Washington DC

In Istanbul you will find the ultimate mall for shopaholics, the Grand Bazaar with over 4000 shops.  Visit the birthplace of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, tingle your tastebuds with Turkish coffee, Baklava and seafood dishes you’ll want to bring home.

Hotel chains like Holiday Inn, Doubletree and Hilton have properties waiting to give you a good night’s sleep in surroundings that mesh the comforts of home with the ambience of Turkey.

Call Andrea at Unique Travel Events to find out how create your ‘great escape’ to a place you’ve never been but always dreamed of seeing.

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