Pawsengers- Pet Travel Tips


Abbott, one of our rescue dogs enjoying an afternoon lying in the snow.

Americans spent over $47 billion on their pets last year, so its no surprise that a wide variety of services have cropped up to accommodate pet owners wants and needs, from vets that make house calls to an airline just for pets.

While our furry friends Possum and Abbot are not much on road trips we know lots of people whose pets love going everywhere with them. An article by gives pet owners a good education about how to plan and prepare for traveling with your pet.

If you want to bring your pet to a hotel here are a few questions to ask:

  • Are you pet friendly?
  • Do you accept all types of pets? (Some only take dogs or cats but not both)
  • What is the maximum size pet allowed?
  • Can I leave my pet unattended in my room? (If they say no, ask if they will allow it if the pet is crated)
  • If you cannot leave them alone in the room check for local pet sitting and kennel services

A super pet friendly hotel chain is Loew’s This is especially good if you are traveling to Orlando and plan on bringing the pooch.

When traveling space is always a consideration. Check out items like collapsible dog bowls, soft-sided crates, etc.

The airlines have their rules regarding pet travel. has very useful information but you should check with the individual airlines before arriving at the airport.

Do you want to really let  your pet fly in style? Try PetAirways They have a limited number of cities they fly between but its still an interesting option.

Amtrak is not pet friendly, the only animals allowed are service dogs and the same goes for Greyhound.

A good resource for information on pet travel and care is

Our other rescue dog, Possum the Princess, or so she believes.

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