Tempting the Tastebuds

When it comes to food I fall into the ‘not picky’ category. Most people know that as long as its not moving or slimy I will at least try it.
As someone who loves to cook (with friends and relatives who await invitations) I have certain expectations in restaurants, whether its a fast food burger or a 5 star tasting menu.
Should we expect the same service and quality from Five Guys as we do at Morton’s? Of course not. But Five Guys should provide the quality of food and service that we expect from them. I am rarely disappointed at Five Guys.

Family owned restaurants are often missed opportunities. While many are of mediocre quality and service as they were started as ‘gee I can cook’, without understanding service or what it really takes to run a restaurant. But many have unique and interesting menus and are more than willing to accommodate a special request. One of our favorite’s is Giorgio’s in Dumfries/Montclair. The service is warm yet efficient and the food consistently very good. The family history with food and wine is impressive and as was said in a famous tv show, ‘where everybody knows your name’.

The new thing is gourmet fast food, with the idea that eating a quick meal doesn’t mean eating something of bad quality prepared by a machine. Bark in Brooklyn has gotten many accolades for their fresh and high quality approach to ‘fast food’.

This blog came to mind after eating at Fogo de Chao last night. We had planned to be at Zatyinya (another nice restaurant) with our son and his girlfriend but got stuck on 95 for almost an hour. Having reached the point of no return (past all the Virginia exits) we decided to eat in DC anyway. Fogo de Chao was relatively close and we had been there before. I forgot how good it is. Not only do you have the free flowing high quality steak, ribs, chicken and lamb but the salad bar is amazing, as it includes smoked salmon, among other delicacies. Most of all the service impressed me. We were catered to by about 4 or 5 people but never felt pressured and everyone was pleasant. The restaurant was not empty.

Food is more than nutrition, it is an opportunity to excite the senses and most importantly share the experience with friends, family and even strangers who enrich our lives.

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