Deer Valley Ranch

The Ranch

We are fortunate to live in a fantastic Colorado mountain valley.  As we are a ranch, yes, we do ride horses.  However, we also hike spectacular trails, fish in clear mountain streams, and simply breathe in the beauty of God’s creation every day. Yet, the true joy of a Deer Valley ranch vacation is the “sense of place” that it provides. It is a conversation with another guest at dinner, watching as a wrangler sets the stirrups and encourages your nervous son on his first ride, sharing the camaraderie of making it up a major mountain peak, or laughing when your guide falls into the cold water while fishing. There are plenty of challenges met, nervous new experiences (rafting, horseback riding, and hiking above timberline), and lots of laughter and smiles at our Colorado dude ranch.
It is the people.

We at Deer Valley love people and welcome folks of all ages, places and walks of life to our ranch. Because of our safe environment, top quality staff and activities for young and old alike, our special niche, though, is families. At our family ranch, parents can go horseback riding on the same easy but scenic ride as their child one morning. The next afternoon they can ride up a steep trail on an adults only ride. Mom and Dad can relax knowing their child is in a supervised children’s programback at the ranch. If grandparents are along, they can be as active

“At Deer Valley Ranch, we hiked, rose horseback, whitewater rafted, panned for gold and met some of the most amazing people. Towards the end of the vacation, my son asked if we could come back.  I asked him if he would rather go to Disney World or to The Ranch.  We are going back to Deer Valley next year.”  They did.~The Smiths from Mayville, Wisconsin

or inactive as they like. Deer Valley Ranch is, indeed, ideal for families.

Meal times are also great for families to get together, reconnect and share about the day’s adventures. Hearty and homemade, fresh and healthy, our meals are served family style as well as all-you-can-eat buffets. Don’t miss the ever-popular Mexican buffet lunch, Friday night steak dinner with homemade Swiss cheese bread, Sue’s freshly-made cinnamon rolls, or Deer Valley’s famous cowboy cookies.

After a day in the saddle, a soak in our outdoor hot springs hot tub, a hearty dinner and square dancing under the stars, retreat to your comfortable cabin nestled among the pinon pine. You might want to first build a fire in your fireplace and have a family time sharing the day’s events. After sending the children to their own bedroom for bed, pick up a book or read about the next day’s activities in the “Round-Up”, a daily newsletter delivered to your cabin. Start planning the day ahead at our family dude ranch. If you can stay awake.

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