Head South for a Cool Vacation


Head South for a Cool Vacation

Custom trips to the South Georgia, Falklands and Antarctic Islands are popular for their desolation, immense challenges and unlimited breathtaking wonders. It is no wonder great explorers, such as Ernest Shackleton, were attracted to the South in the early centuries. The adventure to explore the south lasts 22 days and is a must-take part in for first hand experience.

The Must-See and Do
When visiting the south, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia’s abandoned whaling stations, the grave of Shackleton as well as the Chinstrap, king and Gentoo species of penguins are a must-see. Massive glaciers and towering icebergs, sight-seeing of cavorting seals and whales during Zodiac boat rides, and interesting daily lectures are also part of the 22 day adventure of Unique Travel Events.

Photography, trekking/hiking, nature/wildlife, expedition Cruising and rich culture as well as the history of the south are not just amazing, but quite memorable. You will also learn about the unique ecology and the environment of the south from the mouth of the experts.

Available Accommodation
There is plenty of accommodation for visitors heading to the south through custom trips. The twin-share hotel, the triple and quad MS Expedition and the twin-share cabin suites fitted with windows, portholes and bathrooms are excellent options for accommodation in the south. Please note that all cabins consist of twin-size berths and are ocean-facing. Suites have 1 queen-size bed.

Group Size
The MS Expedition can accommodate a maximum of 134 visitors.


All meals are offered when aboard the MS Expedition inclusive of breakfast.

What is Featured

Visitors spend 20 nights aboard the MS Expedition. Upon arrival at the airport, visitors are transferred from Montevideo using Day 1 flights. Depending on the visitor’s disembarkment plan, they are transferred to the airport of Ushuaia. Accommodation is provided for tourists in Montevideo for a night with breakfast.

Shore landings and Zodiac cruises with a team of expedition experts. Resourceful educational programs and lectures are also featured in the Unique Travel Event’s adventure plan. Waterproof boots are supplied to both men and women with the former USA sizes ranging from 8 to 14 and latter sizes from 3 to 9. Guidebooks to destinations in Antarctica and expedition parka are also provided.