We all love tours and this is especially when we are taken to the most exotic and fun places together with the undertaking of fun activities guaranteed to remain etched in our minds. It is not a hidden fact that most people associate beer with Germany and Austria with Mozart and Julie only that there is more to be experienced in this tour that will leave you in awe of what they have to offer. This is in regards to the natural beauty that will most definitely appeal to nature lovers and this is because of the scenic beauty they will indulge in during the tour. In addition to that, there will be historical treasures that will be on display for visitors and natives alike to identify with and this is in regards to what history has to offer. Passing through the flourishing modern cities will enable you enjoy the various fun activities associated with each city and this is not forgetting their tantalizing cuisines together with the breads, signature sausages, cheeses and chocolates of the region. Not forgetting sipping wine along some of the most famous wine routes of the world will absolutely bring about an unforgettable experience.

What about a ride on the convertible caravans of Germany? What an experience it would be! With all the fairy castles together with the most magical castle town of Heidelberg, a botanical island of flowers and picturesque villages in the very heart of Alps, you will definitely be tempted to stay on a little bit longer!