Thoughts on the Disparaged Tourists

We see these folks in every city, cameras around their necks, fanny packs protruding from waists, groups huddled around a cell phone trying to make sense of a Google map or simply pointing and staring at street signs hoping to figure out if downtown is left or right.

Though experienced travelers scoff and the media teases, I for one say ‘hooray’. Even though I am a travel professional, I have been that person and sometimes still am in a new city.

But these are the folks willing to shed the confines of comfort and the streets they know for places unseen, people whose language is a mystery and try foods they would never find at the local diner.

Traveling should be part and parcel of life. Everyone needs to start somewhere. So applaud those willing to take that first big step, become one of them, for they will grow and change and probably make the world a little better for sharing a few kind words with a stranger.