Cigars & the City of Lights

“I believe that a good cigar, a glass of wine and a good conversation is as close to euphoria as you can get in a legal sense” – Sylvester “Sly” Stallone

The City of Light, Paris is an experience unto itself. Whether you marvel at the Eiffel Tower, take in the majesty of Notre Dame or the deliciously seedy Moulin Rouge there is something for all the senses.


But what about enjoying a good cigar? Paris has an interesting history with smoking. There are strict laws but Parisians have always enjoyed smoking and enforcing the laws has met with some resistance.

Yet we must be respectful and there are places where cigar smokers are welcome and the pleasure is legal.


Try Restaurant L’Ogre at Avenue de Versaille or La Maison de Champs Elysees.


If you choose La Maison, stroll to the Arc de Triomphe and walk to the top for an amazing view of the city.


Cigar Education Moment: The way you cut and light your cigar can make the difference between a truly enjoyable smoke and a mediocre experience. Cigar Aficionado offers some good advice.

Would you like to smoke a Cuban cigar in Cuba?

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