Cigars & the Capitol

“What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar!” -Thomas Marshall, VP for Woodrow Wilson

A century ago cigar smoke would have been a standard at any meeting or simply an after dinner relaxation, especially in Washington DC, where visions of smoke filled rooms still play in our minds.

Today ‘smoking’ is politically incorrect, especially in Washington DC. That said, there are still some elegant haunts to enjoy the cigar pleasures of yesteryear.

Shelly’s Backroom, full of rich wood and the feel of days gone by.

Civil Cigar, a modern approach with a healthy dose of sports

219 Restaurant, just a bit outside the district, with good food and Creole flair

Cigar Education Moment: Humidor A room, or a box  of varying sizes, designed to preserve or promote the proper storage and aging of cigars by maintaining a relative humidity level of around 70 percent. Advanced humidors can also regulate temperature.. Cigar Aficionado offers some good advice.

Would you like to smoke a Cuban cigar in Cuba?

Unique Travel Events is offering a unique trip to Cuba, that will include a trip to a tobacco farm. Click here for more info.

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