About Us

About Unique Travel Events – The Evolution of Personal Travel Planning

A Unique Lifetime of Experience
Unique Travel Events is the outcome of the unique life experiences of its founder, Andrea Savitch. Andrea was born and bred in New York City. She got her early management training there, and soon learned about the value of quality customer service at two Fortune 500 hospitality and restaurant enterprises. From that early start Andrea spent ten more years in hospitality, with additional involvement in promotional product lines and in the gift industry.

During this time, Andrea’s reputation grew. Her innate skill, developed and honed over time, was in learning what individuals might want or need. While this helped Andrea become very successful in the marketing industry, her career left her feeling unfulfilled. Her passion lay in helping others make their dreams a reality.

A Unique Idea Is Born
The combination of Andrea’s professional experience in the hospitality industry and her personal experience with loss, tragedy, and raising three children has now translated into the creation of something completely new – Unique Travel Events. Personally tailored experiences for individuals, couples and families designed around their unique wants, needs and budgets.

A Unique Experience Tailored to Your Needs
Event ideas are sometimes astoundingly different, but all are designed to fulfill a specific need. They can provide fun, facilitate relief, open new perspectives or remind us what’s important:

They can be…

Time-Outs from the dreary repetition of the so-called daily grind.
Getaways for the care givers of children and the elderly.
Vacations at home and away from home.
First Date Make a very special first impression or re-create one.
Specialty Events like planning your unique marriage proposal.
Adding Romance to life or renewing romance through event planning.
Happy Hours for promoting your Home Based Business.
Date Nights for remembering how much you love them.

The real beauty of Unique Events is in the exquisitely prepared planning and personalization, based on what you want and what you need. Each occasion is carefully designed to meet your specifications because just as each individual is totally unique, so too are the events of our dreams.