Although we do not charge a fee to book the items listed below, new clients will be asked to pay a $50 non-refundable deposit towards their trip, which will be credited towards the trip once booked. If the client chooses to use a different agent or book on their own the $50 will not be refunded.


All-Inclusive Resorts

Vacation Packages with Preplanned itineraries of preferred suppliers

Hotel Rooms (Bed and Breakfasts are not included)

Group Tours provided by preferred suppliers

Airfare when purchased with any of the above


Non- commissioned Activities/Trips/Tours- 10% cost of activity

Airfare when purchased on its own- $20 per party of 4, $2.50 each additional person


Weekend Getaway- 2-3 days (1-2 nights) up to 4 people – $200

What We Do

Learn about you through our interview

Determine activities that you would enjoy

Make hotel and dinner reservations

Arrange for purchase of tickets for activities/shows

Provide a Getaway Package which includes:

Memory Box with disposable camera and mail-in envelope for development of film

Gotta Know Envelope- Contains list of lodging, restaurant and activities with address and phone numbers and full set of driving/walking/transport directions

Envelope for each activity- including hints, clues, driving/walking/transport directions, travel time required and specific arrival time if necessary

Getaway Plus

4-5 Days- $300

6-8 Days- $500

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