March Madness

The end of the first quarter looms ahead. Encourage that final push with an incentive.

Incentive ideas

Dinner & a movie

Day off

Tickets to a game

Dreamerz Adventure

Tip: Start your own ‘travel fund’ and let everyone know. This will help you save for that ‘dream vacation’ and help others to do the same. You can even sign up for a ‘Travel Registry’.

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January Jumpstart

January Jump Start

Goals and Resolutions kickoff the year but often fade quickly with daily distractions and challenges.

Keep the focus alive with small rewards that entice interest for the big prize. Let someone choose a Dreamerz gift or Adventure for staying on target for 60 days or reaching that first threshold towards the goal.


Tip: A weekly inspirational quote can recharge batteries. Here’s one


Snow Days are PDF’s- Planning Dream vacations and having Fun with family and friends

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