Where to go on the Spectacular Vacation- Part I

Where to go on that spectacular vacation

So often I am asked, ‘where should I go on vacation?’

Unless we’ve been bff’s for years the standard answer is I don’t know, but let’s figure it out.

The world is a big place with thousands of opportunities exploring, learning, relaxing and just plain fun. But for each of us, fun has a different meaning.

So I will try over the next few months to help you explore your options, continent by continent, country by country, even cities.

Let’s start with something familiar, North America. You may think that North America is the USA and Canada, maybe Mexico in there as well, but try again. There are about 23 countries in North America besides some additional lands owned by European nations.

Most people love the idea of warm sands, cool waves and lots of sun, so let’s head to the Caribbean and a lot of those countries.

Below are most of the places you would want to visit. Many are easily accessible by cruise ship.

Until about 2 years ago Cuba was forbidden fruit, but today you may visit. There is a lot of history and great food in Cuba. If you choose this destination, work with a travel agent and reputable tour company. There are still lots of rules and you wouldn’t want to go it alone.

Jamaica is probably one of the most popular places to visit. It is warm year round, has nice beaches and a wide variety of all-inclusive resorts. It’s also a common port for cruise ships.

If you are a nature lover, Costa Rica may be the place for you. There are habitats, a mini version of the Amazon and lovely beaches as well.

Each country has its own unique culture and geography.

The Caribbean offers

  • Guatemala
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Nicaragua:
  • Costa Rica:
  • Panama:
  • Jamaica:
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Bahamas:
  • Belize:
  • Barbados:
  • Saint Lucia
  • St. Vincent & the Grenadines
  • Grenada:
  • Antigua & Barbuda:
  • Dominica:
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis:


When you are planning that spectacular Caribbean vacation consider these points:

  • Time of year- The Western Caribbean is warmer than the Eastern Caribbean, so if you are planning on a summer vacation, be prepared for 100º weather in the Western Caribbean.
  • Shopping-Expect to have many shops closed on Sunday so if you are cruising be aware and if you are flying in, consider which days you will be there.
  • Flights- Places like Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica are relatively easy to get to, although there is a good chance you won’t get a direct flight. The smaller island countries can be trickier for transportation. Check which days the airlines go to the islands or if you have to get a local flight from a larger neighboring island.
  • Money- US dollars are accepted most everywhere, but check ahead just to be sure.
  • PASSPORTS- Yes, you need a passport to visit any of the Caribbean nations. Tip: Although you may be able to use just an ID and birth certificate for the cruise, if something goes wrong and you have to fly back, it will cost time and additional fees to get your passport to board the plane.

As always, plan ahead. Most people are going on vacation during the summer and holiday weeks, so the cruises and resorts book up quickly. Today you are rewarded for that early booking.

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Lots more tips to come on the do’s and don’ts, advice from good sources and more

Remember, travel is medicine for the heart, mind and soul and your travel agent has the cure.

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