Unique Honeymoon Destinations

Scoot up the coast of California and escape the crowds. The 90 mile stretch of coast from San Simeon to Carmel offers beautiful scenery, history and unique beaches that invite the adventurous. Pfeiffer beach is one of those beaches.

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If you are looking for a special honeymoon spot or just a unique place to vacation call us to put together the trip that is as special as you.

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Owner, Unique Travel Events

Owner, Unique Travel Events

The Fountain of Youth

No its not free botox but it is an early claim for keeping young, the fountain of youth. Hundreds of years ago explorer Ponce De Leon ”discovered’ the Fountain of Youth in Florida. While proof of its powers are dubious, the park around it has great history and is even open for weddings.

Florida is known for its great beaches, from Miami to Cocoa Beach and more. Of course everyone knows about Orlando, Disneyworld and Universal Studios.


If you want to see alligators, try an Alligator Safari or visit Everglades National Park for gators and more.

Check out Tampa for golf, zoos and more theme parks.


This is a great time of year to visit wineries check Virginia Wine for info on fairs and festivals.

For a kid, pet and grown-up friendly afternoon try the 17th Street Corridor Festival on Saturday.

Whatever your interests, take time to enjoy. If you don’t have time to figure out where to go or what to do call us at 703-350-2999 or email andrea@uniquetravelevents.com  and we will create your unique ‘Getaway’. Visit our website for more info.

Ask yourself this question the next time you are ready to make travel plans whether for work or pleasure, ‘what am I worth’, or perhaps what is my time worth? Would I rather spend it searching the internet for hotels and flights and figuring out how to entertain myself and my family or would I rather let someone else do that for me so I can make money or enjoy time with my loved ones?

Travel agents save you time, and their fees are paid by the hotels, cruise lines and vacation companies. So why waste your time, leave the ‘surfing’ to us.

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