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A wisely chosen cigar to me, is like a weapon against certain of life’s torments, in some mysterious way, a little blue smoke chases them away.” -Zino Davidoff

Cigar smokers often struggle with travel. While we don’t need to light up, finding a comfortable relaxing spot to enjoy a good cigar can be a challenge.

As a travel agent and cigar smoker I have done my share of cruising and touring.

My top picks for cruise lines for cigar smokers are Cunard and Silversea.

Besides being a great ship, Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 has a large, comfortable and well serviced cigar lounge. The ventilation/filtration system is so good, my husband, who does not smoke, barely noticed any odor. The QM2 is one of the best ways to do a transatlantic cruise.

Silversea is an elegant, family owned cruise line, offering a classy lounge and Davidoff cigars, among others. As the owner of the line is a cigar smoker, you know you will be treated well. Silversea has some unique expedition cruises that blend luxury and adventure.

Tip: When traveling bring your own stock of cigars. Buying at a hotel or on a ship may be convenient but the choices are often limited and the prices tend to be high.

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Cuba, the forbidden fruit

Collette Vacations Rediscover Cuba – A Cultural Exploration

A rich blend of cultures from across the Caribbean and around the world, Cuba is unlike any other country. Join us on an exclusive journey as we spend seven nights in the cities of Trinidad and Havana, soaking in the island’s timeless culture, history, and art. While in Trinidad visit many historic cathedrals and tour the city with your local guide. Enjoy four nights at Havana’s landmark Hotel Nacional. Visit the Bay of Pigs Museum and discover Old Havanna’s architecture. Meet a Cuban family in their very own paladar, a privately owned restaurant. Step inside the home of Ernest Hemingway, almost unchanged from the time the author left in 1960. Explore a former sugar factory and savor a lunch of local specialties. Visit an orphanage and meet with the nuns who have dedicated their lives to helping the children. Throughout your exploration, come to know the Cuban people as few have.

Collette Experiences

  • Spend 7 nights in Cuba’s cities of Trinidad and Havana and soak in the island’s culture, history and art.
  • Visit the Ernest Hemingway House (Lookout Farm), almost unchanged from the time the author left in 1960, where he conceived his final masterpiece, The Old Man and the Sea.
  • Tour Old Havana and learn about the city’s architecture and restoration efforts from a local city planner.
  • Visit the Bay of Pigs Museum and discover the history behind this important event.
  • Enjoy a harbor cruise in Cienfuegos and learn about the local fishing industry.
  • Experience La Perla del Sur, the Pearl of the South, as you tour Cienfuegos.
  • Enjoy a city tour of Trinidad and explore its charming streets, cathedral and unique houses frozen in time.


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