Love is in the Air

Walk through anything from a drugstore to a jewelry store you are bombarded with Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day... (Photo credit: Јerry)

It is wonderful to celebrate love and take an extra moment to show that special person in your life how much you care. But how to do that becomes the question.

Restaurants offer special dinners and many people flock to them on Valentine’s Day. Yet that is the one day you will probably not get the best service or food. If you want to dine out, find a small restaurant that is not promoting the day  or a very high end restaurant that will not allow the volume to go beyond the capacity, one that requires reservations all the time.

A better option would be for whoever does the cooking to whip up a special dish sprinkled with your love. If cooking is not an option, pick something up and make a pretty presentation and dine in the privacy of your own home. When did romance involve 100 other people?

As a lover of chocolate I believe Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for more but for those who are not fans, find another sweet to express your love. Honey is the base of sweetness so stop by your local Greek restaurant and pick up some Baklava or make a honey cake or wow your love with Bananas Flambe.

Valentine’s Day gifts can create panic attacks and stress. For some women jewelry is always the answer for others a single rose is great. Look to history, what day was really special and what can you give to remind your love (male or female) how much you enjoyed that day? My husband usually turns up with balloons that sing, simple but he knows how much I love music and the love songs with the balloons or a stuffed animal just warms my heart.

Take Valentine’s Day to make a special point of saying ‘I love you’ and surprise your partner with a weekend away later in the month.  There are lots of place in Virginia for a weekend escape and at Hershey, February is Chocolate Month.

Whatever you do, remember that romance is what you want it to be and for each couple it is different.


Love and travel on!

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

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Romance and the Rites of Spring

Let me tell ya ’bout the birds and the bees
And the flowers and the trees
And the moon up above
And a thing called “Love”

We can thank Jewel Akens for those words and a reminder of what spring brings to mind. We re-establish our relationship with the sun and reconnect with people. Winter so often sends us into doldrums that spring really becomes a time of awakening.

As we watch the buds bloom on bare tree branches we know that we too can bloom. The butterflies and honeybees are looking for nectar and the flowers beckon them with bright colors. Human beings are not much different.

Now is the time to refresh for your new venture into romance or maybe spruce up the one you have. Pack a picnic basket and head for one of our great parks, like the glorious forests of  Shenandoah or the wonderful waters of Assateague. You can even take the metro to the National Mall and take in the sites while sharing the fun with someone new or someone already special in your life.

If its raining, make some popcorn, snuggle up, rent Fantasia and enjoy the music and imagery that came long before MTV and Anime.

But the sun will shine and a warm wind will blow most days. Unique Events can help make those days special with Getaway and Date Night plans.

Even Cruises are affordable and really give you a chance to see the world.

Send us an email and ask how we can make your spring something to remember.

Who needs another love song?

Many seem to, especially as Valentine’s Day comes close. How tired are you of saying and giving the same old thing, or receiving. February is the season to reflect on romantic love. We will seek out the greatest love stories, at least what the movies have to offer. But what about the quiet love stories or the ones of the past that have been forgotten. Often these can be far more inspiring than a Hollywood tear jerker.

The media bombards us with all the wrongdoings of politicos and movie stars. Sometimes we forget that there have been and still are powerful people who are truly in love with their partners and that love is their anchor. In the past we can look to Harry Truman for a president whose love and devotion for his wife was almost worn on his sleeve. Paul Newman ([responding to an interviewer’s question as to why he was never “tempted” by the many beautiful Hollywood actresses he worked with] Why fool around with hamburger when you have steak at home?) and Joanne Woodward another fine example of fame that did not cave in to tabloids and tv talk shows.

Who do you know today or perhaps a generation or two back that has that ‘true love’, the bond that doesn’t need a lot of words, or sex or flowers or gifts? The kind where sharing the day is what matters, knowing that at the end of the day there is one person who will be there to support and care for you despite what any else in the world thinks about you.

In other words who do you know that has a soulmate? I know I found mine.