Cigars & the Big Apple


Just Remember that a good cigar will make you forget about the troubles of the world even if just for a moment!……..Rick Milhorn

If you have ever had the wonderful experience of a cigar lounge you understand when I say there is an elegance and simple comraderie found in few other places.

So when exploring the great city of New York finding a cigar bar is a haven of warmth and acceptance.

Despite the strict rules about smoking a number of establishments were ‘grandfathered’ in to allow smoking.

A website that offers a lists of places is  You can also check out

If you are in the Upper East Side, slip into Lexington Bar and Books or in Soho, Soho Cigar Bar.

Grand Havana sound wonderful but requires membership and you need to know a member to become one.

Of course Davidoff of Geneva tempts us with an incredible selection.

Cigar Education Moment: Ring gauge: The measurement used to determine the diameter, which is measured in 64ths of an inch. (Courtesy Cigar Association of America)

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